Wildest Latin America (2012– ) Lotynų Amerikos Platybėse

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Išvertė: Raimondas_Č.

Žanras: Dokumentinis filmas

Režisavo: Richard Kirby, Bill Markham
Aktoriai: Paul McGann ir kiti.
Siužetas: Nuostabiai nufilmuotas ir nepaprastas istorijas pasakojantis apie ten gyvenančius gyvūnus ir žmones šis serijalas pasakoja apie žymiausias ir dramatiškiausias Lotynų Amerikos vietas.

Išsamus aprašymas anglų kalba:
Plot Summary: Through beautiful photography and the extraordinary stories of the animals and people that live there, this series celebrates Latin America's most iconic and dramatic locations. Trek across the mountainous peaks and volcanic slopes of the Andes; explore the windswept plains of the Patagonian wilderness; journey into the teeming forests of the Amazon, and wade through the giant swamps of Venezuela, as this beautiful five- part series celebrates the region's most iconic and dramatic locations.

Season 1
Amazon - One Jungle Many WorldsS1, Ep1

Spanning nine countries and covering eight million square kilometres, the Amazon is so big that if it were a country it would be the seventh largest in the world. This episode uncovers what makes the Amazon such a powerhouse of evolution and how it has come to home a third of all species on the planet.

The Andes: World in the Clouds S1, Ep2
From some of the worlds highest tree tops, to deepest forest floors, the Amazon is one of the worlds most rich ecosystems on earth. The worlds largest powerhouse of evolution that is home to a third of all species in the world.

Venezuela S1, Ep3
Venezuela's inland is mysterious, dominated by the Oriniko and its tributaries, the nation named after pole villages recalling Venice to the conquistadors in search of mythical El Dorado, but rich gold reserves were found only lately. Much of its land and wildlife still is barely explored, shielded by natural factors like inaccessible terrain, monstrous predators, lacking infrastructure and the remaining native tribes, some of which remain relatively pristine and in harmony with nature, which modern exploitation is rapidly endangering.

Pantanal: Brazil's Wild Heart S1, Ep4
The Pantanal wetlands, mostly in western central Brazil but extending into Bolivia and Paraguay, flood up to 80% about half of the year, due to tropical rain torrents and even more water descending form the Andes highlands, supporting an extremely rich wildlife, mainly fish and its predators, infested with caymans, with a jaguar subspecies double its cousins' size. May animals migrate or perish when the rivers shrink and large areas turn desert-dry.

Patagonia: The Ends of the Earth S1, Ep5
Covering 800,000 square kilometres of Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is the southernmost part of South America. It's a place of extremes - of vast ice fields and snow-capped mountains; of windswept deserts and violent oceans. Survival here means being tough enough to cope with brutal winters, and canny enough to exploit brief seasons of plenty.


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